Speeding Offences

To Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers, each speeding case and client is unique with each situation requiring a bespoke solution.

In Scotland, many speeding offences are dealt with by two principle “routes”.  Either a road side ticket, issued by the police, offering a fixed fine and penalty points on a driving licence, or alternatively by a driver receiving a citation telling them to attend court.

Many of our road traffic / speeding clients contact us immediately after being stopped by the police seeking advice as to whether they should accept the speeding ticket offered. We always offer a free consultation service to all of our clients, and this consultation is especially important in speeding cases.

After meeting with one of our road traffic lawyers, we will be able to identify from the outset any flaws immediately clear in the case, allowing us to make a fully informed decision as to whether the driver should pay the speeding ticket / speeding fine or challenge the speeding ticket / speeding fine.

For the majority of speeding offence cases, the case against a driver is based upon speed cameras of various types. We are experienced road traffic lawyers who are fully familiar with the types of speed cameras used and are aware of their drawbacks and faults which can be utilised to assist any speeding offence cases, which we use to assist in achieving the results we seek for our clients.

In a number of cases, the police prefer to simply report the matter to the Procurator Fiscal, the prosecution lawyer, rather than being issued with a ticket, this usually means the driver accused of a speeding offence will receive a citation to appear at Court.

Many of our clients are working individuals who cannot afford to attend court on several occasions to defend speeding charges.  In many situations, we can appear for our clients without their attendance being necessary to resolve the speeding case for them – without them ever having to make a court appearance.

We provide legal representation from the outset to enable every client of Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers to achieve the best results possible, whether that be reducing the amount of fine required to be paid, reducing penalty points on driving licence, or to challenge the allegation against them and receiving an acquittal after trial.

To Lanarkshire Road Traffic Lawyers, each speeding case and client is unique with each situation requiring a bespoke solution. If you require assistance with any speeding offence allegation, contact our road traffic lawyers today so that we may assist in resolving your speeding case.

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