Some Questions Answered

We can help you keep your driving licence, we can present to the court information to allow you to keep your driving licence, limit any penalty points imposed or prevent any points being imposed on your driving licence at all. Alternatively we can seek for you a limited driving disqualification of 55 days or less as an alternative to receiving penalty points on your driving licence.

Unfortunately, for many road traffic and driving cases Legal Aid is not available. We do however offer cost effective “Block Fees” for road traffic /driving offence cases’ legal fees and costs. This means that you will know from the outset how much your defence from our lawyers will cost should it proceed to trial. These block fees represent a significant saving for you; unlike other law firms we will not charge you by an hourly rate.

We have great success in defending drivers’ mobile phone cases, utilising specialist knowledge and services which other road traffic defence lawyers do not do. We are able to retrieve your telephone records from your telephone provider to assist in proving you were not using your mobile phone at the time, as well as directly challenging the crown case and the police witnesses’ accounts of what happened.

Many of our road traffic / speeding clients contact us immediately after being stopped by the police seeking advice as to whether they should accept the speeding ticket offered. We always offer a free consultation service to all of our clients, and this consultation is especially important in speeding cases.

In Scotland an avenue is available to drivers to either prevent a driving disqualification or ban from driving, reduce the length of any driving disqualification or ban, prevent points on driving licence being awarded or to reduce the number of points on driving licence being awarded. This avenue is a Special Reasons Proof.

Under “Totting Up” provisions, if a driver reaches 12 or more points on their driving licence they can expect to be banned from driving for a period of time depending on their individual circumstances unless that driver utilises an Exceptional Hardship Proof.

If the police or fiscals issue you with a ticket or warning letter, contact us immediately time limits can apply to challenges these tickets or warnings.

No - contact us today to discuss again we are very successful in having cases dropped due to technicalities that can only be raised and challenged at the start of the process, pleading not guilty can stop these challenged. Contact us today to discuss.

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